Veritas Legal Internship

Veritas has an online internship matching system where all interns are assigned an associate, senior associate, and partner who serve as buddies for the duration of their internship. Interns can contact their buddies for work and advice. Every week there is a buddy meeting where buddies discuss the intern`s progress and suggest improvements if necessary. Due to overlaps in many specializations; and the need to offer comprehensive legal solutions to their clients, almost all medium and large law firms tend to be “full-service” law firms. Disclaimer: Articling experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and are usually personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus` official opinions on the internship. We also don`t process internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern`s voice remains intact. You will be selected for an internship based on your CV and cover letter. Articling may or may be remunerated, depending on the length and type of articling and the law firm`s policies and discretion.

Typically, large law firms offer scholarships to their articling students. Some companies may offer meal allowances and refunds. Small businesses can only have unpaid internships. For more information on current job openings, internship opportunities and other details, please visit the following website/page: Due to the virtual internship mode at Veritas Legal, my interactions with the team (except buddies) were limited and there was no interaction with other articling students. However, buddy meetings have been very effective in removing impersonality from a virtual work environment. Disclaimer: Organizations should not ask interns to write articling experiences on Lawctopus. You also shouldn`t need to write an internship experience on Lawctopus for the articling student to receive a certificate. If you engage in such practices, the Lawctopus organization will be blacklisted. In this case, interns are requested to inquire at [email protected]. If you`d like to learn how to decipher the application and selection processes for internships at top law firms like Veritas Legal, sign up for LawMint`s comprehensive online course, “How to Land the Internship of Your Dreams.” This internship at Veritas Legal is ideal for 3rd to 5th year law students. As this is an assessment placement, the assigned work is intensive and provides students with a very rich learning opportunity to understand the practical operation and application of the law. However, it is very difficult to get a pre-placement offer (“PPO”) at the end of the internship, as your performance will be accurately evaluated at every step of the process.

Therefore, I suggest that you approach your tasks and final presentation with a lot of hard work and dedication and constructively apply the feedback you receive from employees. This article is part of the “Best Law Firms for Articling” series, in which we look at the best well-known law firms in various practice areas. This series is based in part on how firms are positioned in various legal rankings, awards, and industry recognitions. We believe our values offer a slightly different and refreshing alternative in a closed but increasingly fragmented legal industry in India. Career and internship opportunities at Veritas Legal may also be posted periodically in the careers section of the Site. Refer to the link to the specific career/jobs page mentioned later in this article. Law students may intern with law firms, NGOs, litigation and appeals lawyers, magistrates, regulators, legislators and parliaments, other legal officials, market institutions, law firms, companies, local authorities and other entities mandated by the university. Read the articles on LawMint for more details on how to apply, when to apply, how to create your CV, how to prepare for job interviews and how to be selected for an internship at top law firms in India.

Veritas Legal offers internship opportunities based on your needs. For more information on eligibility, application process, and selection criteria for articling at Veritas Legal, see article Students should also use their time in the firm to immerse themselves in the “fundamentals of legal practice.” such as document writing, various types of submissions, case synthesis, preparation of briefs and legal research. If you offer internship opportunities to law students or new law graduates, post your ad for free on and reach 1000 law students across India. Large law firms may offer articling directly to interested LLB students or through college placement committees. Some companies may have a structured selection and interview process in place to assess and pre-screen interns who best suit their practices. Apart from the basic details, the mandatory details that must be provided/uploaded for the internship application are: Nevertheless, the work experience you gain through this internship is extremely valuable in enhancing your skills as a corporate lawyer and understanding the role of a partner in a commercial law firm. According to BCI rules, the company`s website may contain limited information. However, internship candidates should invariably read the website and brochures as part of essential research and preparation before applying. Veritas Legal accepts internship applications from students who are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th year of a five-year integrated LLB course or 2nd or 3rd year of a three-year LLB program. At Veritas, we believe we offer a unique offering in the midst of India`s ever-changing legal landscape.

The company is located in the heart of Fort, Mumbai. It is a chic neighborhood surrounded by many restaurants. Veritas is located in the Forbes building and has two floors dedicated to an office. The interior of the company is elegant, stylish and professional. All legal teams and partners are seated on the same floor and articling students must be accommodated in an internship room that can accommodate 6 articling students.