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While legal principles may differ between separation in relation to cohabitation and marriage, Peter fully recognizes that the emotional imperatives that lead to separation are often the same and that his role is to help his client navigate the confusing legal process while providing support and advice. Ensure that the outcome is not only fair, but also fully meets the client`s financial and/or emotional needs. the situation of the family. CLIENT: SD COMPANY / COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: Tim is a competent lawyer as he has been precise and confident in what he has been doing for us from the beginning. He has a good knack for communication and has managed to turn complicated legal terms into understandable and simple words for us that easily made sense. The outcome of the case was exactly what he had recommended to us from the beginning. We thank him for helping us overcome these difficulties. As society has evolved, so has the family framework, so that in recent years property disputes between unmarried couples have increasingly been dealt with, which require a lawyer to have knowledge and experience of a legal framework very different from that applicable to the breakdown of a marriage. I was called to the bar in 2001. I completed my legal training with a contract with a law firm in Berkshire, where I stayed for two years. After gaining experience at law firms in the West Midlands and Northampton – and taking a five-month sabbatical to travel to Thailand, the Far East, South Africa and Canada – I returned to a law firm in Bristol that provides legal advice. I joined Vanderpump & Sykes in 2010. Peter believes that the role of the family doctor is not to sit in his ivory tower and give legal advice, but rather to combine legal knowledge with everyday experience, roll up his legal sleeves and “settle” to get the outcome the client expects.

Tim handles a variety of issues, including property disputes, business disputes, and disputed estates. 1998-1999 – Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the Faculty of Law, London I also deal with domestic violence to ensure that victims of domestic violence have adequate protection so that they can go about their daily lives without fear. With 20 years of going back, Peter has become a passionate believer in the maxim that “the client knows best” and, where possible, tries to ensure that the client retains full control over the construction of their own future. The best way to do this is through the judicial process, where the parties become cogs in a wheel, where the decision about their future is taken out of their hands and decided by a judge. Instead, Peter advocates direct participation of the parties in the roundtable negotiations, where they ultimately decide the outcome. Vanderpump & Sykes LLP was founded in 1899. There are currently three participating partners and seven employed partners with a total of 12 lawyers. The firm has been converted to LLP status. in 2011 to make the most of the opportunities arising from the new regulations and operate under a modern business structure.

The firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is a member of the Bar. In 2013, the company became an alternative business structure (ABS). TOLATA Ordinance – Request from a life partner/shareholder for the order of a purchase order for a common property, declaration of economic interests in the common property » The corporate/commercial department deals with all aspects of the commercial company in real estate transactions, especially real estate development, finance, and owner and tenant issues. The department also has experience in all aspects of corporate/commercial work, including selling and buying businesses and setting up commercial vehicles. The team`s most important partner for these areas is James Porter. James is assisted by Zoe Winfield. He has particular expertise in real estate litigation, including landlord and tenant issues, border disputes and beneficial ownership issues. The litigation department, which includes landlord-tenant disputes, also handles property claims, confiscation claims, trespassers, dilapidation and rent recovery, as well as matrimonial, labor, civil and commercial disputes. Partners Richard Stephens and Gary Beecham and lawyer Tim McLeish handle these matters. Richard also handles labour law, including dismissal, dismissal, TUPE, discipline and grievances, whether for employers or employees. We recruit and retain people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of gender, colour, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic group or marital status. Vanderpump & Sykes continues to seek expansion opportunities, whether through mergers and acquisitions, in addition to organically increasing its own revenues and profitability.

As an ABS, it is also able to accommodate other types of investors or industries. The company aims to provide quality service with an accessible and accessible style. He tries to combine the advantages of an established practice with a high reputation in this field with those of a state-of-the-art and progressive law firm. It recognizes the importance of adapting to a changing environment while maintaining the quality evidenced by the firm`s accreditations, which include ISO 9001:2015 and the Law Society`s Transferancing Quality Scheme (CQS). In addition, the Vanderpump & Sykes team includes members from STEP, Solicitors for the Elderly and Resolution. 2014-2015: Postgraduate Diploma in Law at the University of London Southbank What do we mean by diversity, equality and inclusion? CLIENT: BY COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: Mr. McLeish provided a high level of expertise in all aspects of our case. We are very satisfied with the excellent service and the good resolution.

Seleena graduated as a lawyer from a city law firm in 2002 and has since worked at a number of law firms in the city and Edinburgh. Seleena has experience in a variety of real estate matters, including the sale and acquisition of condominiums and leaseholds, commercial landlord and tenant matters, option agreements and real estate financing – working for landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, sellers and buyers. Her clients include international and national companies, private investors, pension funds, banks and real estate developers. Seleena joined Vanderpump & Sykes LLP in May 2022 and looks forward to working with the firm`s diverse client base. No publicly funded, bodily injury or criminal work is performed. We are committed to creating a work environment where equality and diversity apply not only to all our employees, but also to our relationships with customers, suppliers, contractors and third parties. CLIENT: VB COMPANY / COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: Peter took care of my divorce and took care of the situation and advised me every step of the way. I`m glad Peter did everything for me. We never ask employees or customers to talk about their political affiliation, union membership, religion or anything else unrelated to their work or as a client. I graduated as a family lawyer in September 1998 because it was one of the areas I found most interesting during my training. I started my career at a large regional company in Buckinghamshire and worked there for 12 years.

Looking for a new challenge, I joined Vanderpump & Sykes in January 2012. As a law firm, we have policies and procedures in place that include: He can assist with commercial real estate matters such as lease renewals and forfeiture claims, as well as residential matters, including ownership, franchising and administration rights. 2009-2011: BSc Health Promotion at Middlesex University BA Hons at York University 2000-2002 – Trainee Lawyer at Lewis Silkin LLP 1995-1998 – LLB Hons, University of Birmingham.