Unifor Legal Services Plan

The Unifor Legal Services Plan was created to provide eligible Unifor members and their spouses and dependents with high-quality personal legal services at affordable prices. For more information, visit uniforlsp.com and contact Program Director Jaspal Brar at @email “Thanks to the negotiated support of more than two dozen employers, the Legal Services Plan provides excellent legal services at an affordable price,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. The materials contained on the Unifor Legal Services Plan (uniforlsp.com) website are provided for informational purposes only. This is not legal advice, and the application of the plan`s eligibility and coverage rules to a specific person or scenario should not be derived from the information posted on this website. Individuals who require such information should contact one of our drop-in centres who will inform them of their specific claims (if applicable) and refer them to a lawyer of their choice (if eligible for such a referral). Unifor`s Legal Services Plan is not responsible for third-party content accessible through this website. Unifor`s Legal Services Plan has work-friendly lawyers who provide services such as wills, powers of attorney, real estate, tenant rights, family law, civil litigation, criminal motor vehicles and more at subsidized prices. Advocates of the plan are available to serve participants and put their interests first. The plan will also work with lawyers in areas where legal services plan lawyers are not available.

Locals that do not have this advantage should consider including the plan in their collective agreements in the next round of bargaining. Twenty-eight collective bargaining units now have the Legal Services Plan as a benefit in their collective agreements. Unifor encourages locals and collective bargaining committees to be part of this excellent member benefits package by including it in collective bargaining proposals. Do you think your friends might be familiar with this company? Ask your friends on Facebook what they think. Sorry, we couldn`t provide you with directions for these places. Affordable justice through Unifor`s Legal Services Plan The plan is funded by General Motors of Canada Ltd., Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., FCA Canada Inc. and other corporate sponsors. It is established by collective agreements between each sponsor and Unifor and administered by an independent Board of Directors, made up equally of the union and the sponsoring companies. Check out national real estate listings with cash rewards (now available to all Unifor members).